The Sound of Skin
Our body is the first physical entity we encounter since the moment we are born. We learn to explore it, to understand it and, eventually, to take care of it. Our body is the only physical entity that will stay for us for our whole life, all the time. Society sometimes affects individuals to the point that they are brought to unlike or refuse their body. But we have to recognise that there is something that makes our body unique. Every single hair, wrinckle, mark is part of us and only us. We must start to appreciate it.
Coming from a personal experience of continuous love/hate with my body, I wanted to make something that would start to show me a different perspective on my own body. Not the figure, the physical appearence that my body takes, but the tactile and audible experience that my body gives when touched.
By incorporating a contact microphones into a glove, I started to hear a part of my body that I wouldn't normally hear. By moving my fingers onto my skin, I started to notice how every single piece of my body would make a different sound, and how I would not regard that as rather pleasing or unpleasing, but simply unique.
From this experiment, I also started to question how we value the beauty or the ugliness of things. If we wouldn't have a meaning of comparison with the look, color, shape and size that our body has, would we consider it in the same way as we normally do? If we would have a way of comparing the sound that our skin makes when touched, would we start to form an opinion around its aesthetic value as well?

This project is still in process.
body, data, sound
digital, sound