The Ritual Media
What does it mean to be connected, to be 'online'? When does the moment of transition from the 'offline' to the 'online' mode occurs, and in which format?

The Ritual Media is a performance that reflects on this moment of transition. It brings the methodical aspect of the 'logging-in' action, that occurs on daily basis for social media users, to the spiritual side of the action, as it would be a sort of religious ritual. A set of specific objects of interaction are laid on the cloth- interface and they require a particular chain of steps that have to be followed in order to 'connect with the other'. By bringing the action into the space, asking for bodily movement and inviting the users to slow down the tempo of the transition, the work puts emphasis on the consciousness of the action, on a possible substitution of the interface (more physical and in the space) and on the social aspect of 'being online'. An aspect we got so accustomed to, logging-in multiple times a day, but we are not so aware of.
technology, behaviour
analog, visual