Heat Harvester
In the perspective of temperature rising, the heat produced by our body would become a resource to harness energy.
In ten years from now, with the effect of climate change, we will experience a raising of temperature by 5-10 degrees celsius. The surrounding climate makes the human body warmer, thus able to produce electrical energy. By placing one or more of each wearable piece on the body, human heat would be converted in instant energy that can be used to power and charge portable devices provided with a USB plug, like phones, watches, lamps, speakers.
The speculative wearable involves copper plates that are employed as conductors, and Peltier Tiles that collect the heat from our skin and transform it into electrical energy.
Peltier tiles can generate up to 5,4m2V when the difference of temperature between the two sides is more than 5 degrees celsius.
This energy can be transferred to our devices through USB ports.
Each piece is thought and made for different applications on the body, following one's needs in utility, comfort and aesthetic taste.
Currently, there are seven items available: hand piece, armpit, torso, inner thigh, cheeks, neck, temples.
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